All-Stars fight for attention in NYC

REQUIRED SECTION. Dr. In most cities, the All-Star game comes with giddy welcoming stories anticipating the annual gathering of baseball's best. Only in New York, where players' off-the-field lives and wives are scrutinized as intensely as their batting averages and won-lost records. As the scoreboard in center field points out, just 32 regular-season games remain at Yankee Stadium, the 85-year-old living monument to baseball history. There have been 106 World Series games at the big ball yard in the Bronx — more than one-third of the American League's home total of 300. Tuesday's All-Star game is the highest-priced in baseball history, with lower-deck seats costing $525-$725 and bleacher tickets going for $150. In New York's Wall Street-driven economy, the Home Run Derby sold for $100-$650 and the Futures Game, $50-$225. On one Web site, tickets for Tuesday's game were on sale for up to $6,390 each. Red Sox minor leaguer Che-Hsuan Lin hit a two-run homer and nine World te...
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16.7.08 10:12

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